About us

Company "Memic decor" was founded in 2005 based in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Company has developed into a very modern factory with production of various assortment.

Today, "Memic decor" is the largest producer in the former Yugoslavia. Operating successfully with many companies in BiH and the regional countries: Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo.

It exports its products to the international market and the Western European countries (Germany, Switzerland).

This company is specialized for manufacturing:

1. Ceramic border, decor (screen printing and digital print)

2. Mosaic (wall and floor, in combination with glass)

3. Stone (various types of decorative stone 100% natural stone)

What is a hit in terms of decoration - digital print decorate ceramics, where the customer can literally bring your picture, picture favorite panoramas, movie character, art, etc. And do the same on the tiles in the dimension corresponding to the area where they will be.

The offer "MEMIC DECOR" you can find decorative wall and floor mosaics for interior and exterior, mosaic coating and decoration of various products such as bathtubs and mirrors, mosaic tile pool etc.

Ever since the days when so to speak, this company made the first steps began with the production of a variety of mosaic tiles, mostly working for export. At first these were some simple mosaics. Today, the production MEMIC DECOR done cutting ceramics in various dimensions, and stacking them in the wall and floor mosaics of your choice in colors and tones that you want.

We offer natural stone in the form of stone plates of irregular shape, stone plates cuts across to the proper dimensions, closely cuts across stone plates or bars of (very attractive look), stone for interior, stone plates for stairs, stone facade, stone fireplaces, stone paths. Natural stone lasts forever, features a beautiful look that never expire.

Decorative stone, which you can find in this ceramics studio is 100% natural and exclusively from the area of Herzegovina, more precisely from place Podvelezwhich is why the stone named "Podvelez natural stone". The stone is cut in various dimensions, from plates to the terrace, to the mosaic of stone for interior and exterior wall cladding.

With a tradition of quality production is modernized and developed new ways of decorating your interiors in addition to what has so far offered this firm.

Today, MEMIC DECOR has the newly opened showroom of 700 m2, located at the same address as the production. What you can find in this studio in terms of decor and trimmings all our exclusive production, and therefore the only one in the region offer the possibility to customers to design your own space to your taste and imagination.

Of course, those who do not know exactly what they want, there is a team of well trained professionals who can help them to clearly align ceramics with their environment, according to the modern era with all this get a 3D view of your environment.

Number of products that we offer no end, because every day is possible to do something new on different tastes.

A wide selection of colors, sizes and designs, relatively easy to set up and maintain, and affordable prices have made ceramic tiles popular floor and wall coverings.

Contact information

Maršala Tita 294, 88000 Mostar
Tel: +387 36 281 301 ; Fax: +387 36 281 302
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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